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Project Guidance
A U.S.-based customer support team with specialized training to take your project through to completion is available at Bush Business Furniture. Our attention to detail guarantees a great experience every single time, from assisting you in selecting the ideal office furniture to carrying out a final satisfaction survey.

Group C

To suit the needs of every workstation, Series C Collection includes professional-style storage and desks of commercial grade.
Hybrid Collection Computer Chair Desk and Chair Combo with Mobile Files Cabinet


Hybrid provides the perfect option for the contemporary professional by fusing elegant metal framework with long-lasting work surfaces. With open top desks and useful storage that comes in five finishes, you can create chic and high-quality workstations for home or business offices.

The Somerset

With its transitional design and tapering leg details, the Somerset Collection is a great option for a small office or home.

West Key

The Key Southwest Collection provides a natural, carefree style selection of furnishings for an residence office or living area.

Studio C Collection – U-shaped Desk with Desk and Mobile Files Cabinet

C Studio

proven excellence. Trendy designs. new completions. Our best-selling goods are updated by Studio C with a modern aesthetic that complements both your home and workplace.

Office in Hampton Heights

neat edges. individual appeal. Unwavering superiority. Hampton Heights adds classic elegance and contemporary flair to your workspace.

All-purpose Storage

For almost any setting, the Universal Store Collection offers a useful organizing solution that is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.


The transitional design of the Cabot Collection offers a home workplace furnishings option that works well in a range of living areas. Elevate the look and feel of your own workstation with a variety of stylishly finished desk, chair, plus storage options.

Conference Tables BBF

Conference tables of commercial grade with hospitable designs that promote teamwork for years to come.

White Woodland Entryway Storage


Arrive home to a cozy, inviting space that expertly combines traditional and modern design elements. For a design you’ll enjoy, the Woods Collection offers a variety of configurable entrance storage options in three lovely finishes.

Salinas Bush Lift-Top Desk


A touch of informal farmhouse is added to your decor with exquisite hardware mixed with intricate wood detailing. You’ll adore having the Salinas Collection’s comfort and design in your home.

Collection of Hampton Heights

neat edges. individual appeal. Unwavering superiority. Hampton Heights adds classic elegance and contemporary flair to your living and work areas.

A Series

Easy configurations are possible because to the versatile C-Leg table design, which makes it perfect for multi-person workstations, open-plan workplaces, cubicles, and tiny spaces.

All-purpose Bookcases

The Universal Bookcase Collection, which comes in three sizes, provides a variety of fashionable, robust storage solutions that are suitable for small offices or homes.

The Westbrook Selection

Utilize our Westbrook collection to enhance your environment. Its windowpane glass doors, long black matte knobs, and distinctive storage pieces serve as highlights. This blend of design and utility goes well with any setting, from modern to traditional farmhouse.


Coliseum is a lovely mix of traditional charm with a novel modern industrial twist, purposefully created to give a polished, elite appeal that can merge into any environment.


The X pattern accents and tempered glass doors of the Lennox Collection make it an ideal choice for homes with a laid-back aesthetic. Create the living room or workspace of your ideals with furniture that embodies the best aspects of farmhouse and seaside design.

A Studio

The Studio A Group is ideal for both home gaming stations and professional workplaces because it blends a modern, clean design with the high-quality commercial construction required to last years of regular usage.

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