Business Gateway Weill

Business Gateway Weill

The main administrative platform for every department at Weill Cornell Medicine  is Weill Business Gateway. WBG consists of three main modules, each of which has several uses.


Using various financial modules in WBG, investigators, weill business gateway¬† administrators, & staff may oversee the financial data for their unit. In order to make important business choices, strategic funds and donation management enables the execution of a range of reports, the analysis of transactions, and the current position and balance of each person’s accounts.


SAP’s Supplier Relationship Management, or SRM, module gives customers the ability to control their departments’ procurement workflow. These providers frequentl offer exclusive¬† weill business gatewayCornell pricing / discounts.

Human Resource Administration

The HCM module manages the primary administrative responsibilities related to payroll and human resources. Position management, hiring processing, modifications to employment, time input and approval, perks administration, processing of payroll, payroll sharing, and HR/Payroll reporting are among the processes that are now handled.

Service Conditions

Before being able to access any WBG modules, training is required. The WBG Leadership, Regulatory in nature, and Compliance Process is used to control access to WBG. See “Use this Service” for more information on this procedure.

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