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Thanks to the contacts of her former husband, Pamela Hilburger has gained recognition as a maker of jewelry for numerous well-known firms. Because she is the mother of Devon Aoki, she has become prominent in the public. Among many other movies, she has acted in include Sin City, 2 Quick 2 Furious, Dead or Lives, and Mutant Chronicles.

She was also Hiroaki Aoki’s previous spouse. Benihana is a franchise of Japanese restaurants founded by Hiroaki, an American businessman of Japanese descent. For the love of the sport, he participates in powerboat racing and wrestling in his own time.

A Brief Overview of Pamela Hilburger: Name: Pamela Hilburger; Birthdate: Unknown; Career: Jewelry Designer; Net Worth: $1 Million

The Personal Life along with Net Worth of Pamela Hilburger

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Pamela Hilburger rose to fame as Devon Aoki’s mother following her divorce from Hiroaki Aoki. Apart from that, not much is known about her past, including her birthplace and date of birth. Devon, Pamela’s daughter, asserts, however, that her mother has English and German origins.

Edwin Hilburger, the father, and Rosa D., the mother, are the parents of Pamela. There were six children born to Rosa and Edwin, including Devon’s mother Pamela. She is the oldest of four siblings—her brothers are Derek and Larry, and her sisters are Richard and Valerie—despite the death of her brother Mark. Although the aforementioned information is known, Pamela’s exact birthdate remains uncertain. According to some accounts, she was born in 1951, making her current age 71.

In 1991, Pamela Hilburger and Hiroaki Aoki got divorced. Since 1981, the couple has been wed. This couple has three children: Devon, Denika, then Cindi. Hiroaki has gotten married three times, just so you know. His first wife, Chiruru Kobayashi Aoki, was married to him in 1964. His second wife was Pamela Hilburger (d. 1981).

In 2002, businesswoman Keiko Ono met his third spouse. Their union lasted until July 10, 2008, when Aoki passed away suddenly from illness. As of 2022, Pamela has three grandchildren. Eleanor Talitha Bailey, James Archer Bailey Jr., and Alessandra Linville Bailey are the complete names of the Bailey family.

The renowned chef is thought to be worth $1 million. Hiroaki’s net worth was $40,000,000 prior to his untimely death. She also gained a great deal of wealth as result of her split from Hiroaki.

Hiroaki Aoki, Pamela Hilburger’s spouse

Career of Pamela Hilburger

As a well-known jewelry designer, Pamela has worked with many different companies, including her ex-husband’s company and other well-known companies. She is also well-known for playing Devon Aoki’s mother.

Devon is a model and actress from the United States who has acted in several different movies, such as Sin City, Dead or Alive, 2 Crazy 2 Furious, and Mutant Chronicles. Devon is an American national.

A Common Question is, “Who Is Pamela Hilburger?”

Pamela Hilburger is well-known for being the ex-wife of late Olympic wrestler Hiroaki Aoki, who also owned Benihana, a Japanese restaurant. Hilburger’s most well-known connection to Aoki is her jewelry design or painting background.

Where Is Pamela Hillburger, the Mother of Devon Aoki, Now?

As of right moment, nothing is known regarding her existence.

Devon and Steve Aoki, are they siblings?

She has four half-brothers plus sisters, the most senior of whom is Steve Aoki.
Last Remarks
Even though Pamela Hilburger is well-known, she prefers to live a quiet life. She disappeared from the spotlight after divorcing her ex-husband and eventually lead a reclusive life that she is happy with. As a result, no one is aware of her current romantic situation.

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