In 2023, will walgreens 24 hour pharmacy

To put it mildly, the holidays are hectic.

Whether it’s a Christmas ham, turkey, a steak à la the Drummonds, there is the supper to organize and prepare. Then, you must monitor gifts and ensure that everyone is receiving the same amount of love. Of obviously, you should also have some holiday lights up to help spread the cheer! There’s always a danger that you’ll forget one or more things when there’s so much to do. Usually, if you had any morning errands, you’d dash to the nearest Walgreens. It’s undoubtedly the place to go for any forgotten components as well as Christmas necessities like gifts for the holidays and wrapping paper.

But in 2023, is Walgreen open on Christmas?

Aside from food and gifts, you must ask that question whether you need to fill any prescriptions or purchase any over-the-counter treatments. Let us inform you of the drugstore’s holiday hours before you rush to discover alternative businesses open on December that might or might not be able to satisfy all of your needs.

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Christmas hours at Walgreens
Do they remain open on Christmas?
This year, there’s no need to search for the Walgreens Christmas hours. Although the precise timetable has not been revealed, a spokesman stated that most Walgreens locations will be operational on Christmas, 2023 with modified business hours. We may anticipate the same hours of operation as last year, which was 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. for stores.

But there’s more! Walgreens stores and 24-hour pharmacies should be open as usual over the vacation. Be aware that pharmacy hours may differ at other stores. It is better to phone Walgreens and inquire about their hours of operation or utilize their website’s shop locator tool.

Additionally, your neighborhood Walgreens will remain open on Christmas Eve, with regular business hours in effect. Location-specific pharmacy hours vary, but you can anticipate that 24-hour pharmacies will remain open. Again, it’s best to contact ahead and inquire about your neighborhood store.

It might not be a bad idea to stop by Walgreens for any drinks or sweets you’ve ran out of on Christmas because there aren’t a lot of grocery stores operating on that day. Check out the eateries that are open on Christmas while you’re there in case anything catches your fancy so you can completely avoid cooking!

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