The magic drug from the medical laboratory at Stanford University that cured erectile dysfunction completely

Sexologists claim that enlarging the penis to a height of 6.4 inches only takes a moment, a claim that medical professors at Stanford University have validated with multiple medical tests showing that the corpora cavernosa, or cavernous bodies, of the penis, take 120 minutes to start growing. In this manner, the erections endure longer and the penis grows wider and bigger, allowing you to satiate your spouse up to five times in a row.

A Stanford University professor discovered a fast and entirely natural way to enlarge the penis, and sexologists, physicians, and academics all agreed that this significant finding will put an end to a condition that thousands of men find embarrassing. Clinical and laboratory research, along with additional independent tests, all support this discovery.

Over nine thousand men have tried their Professor’s formula in the United States. Consumer interviews and surveys attest to its two primary characteristics:

Compared to penis pumps, weights, and other treatments combined, it is three times more efficient and quicker.

– It increases the quantity of corpora cavernosa, enhances blood circulation, and naturally grows the penis forever.

30-day natural impacts

Medical testing guarantees that you will gain 1/2 or 1 inch in penile growth in the first week!

Medical professors clarified why his penis-enlargement formula is so effective quickly:

“The formula’s composition holds the key to its efficacy. It is a special combination of ingredients that makes the penis’s cavernous bodies bigger and bigger. Additionally, it raises testosterone levels at 9.7 ng (nanograms every blood mililiter) at the same period.

The main elements in this composition are arctium extract, guarana, and mint extract; they are all-natural substances that enhance blood circulation, libido, and—most importantly—penis size.

These compounds support the penis’s vascular supply and muscle tissue, which have a number of effects:

They first quickly boost testosterone and libido levels and promote penile growth. Similarly, it’s critical to remember that, from the standpoint of medicine, if you don’t eat these chemicals, you can never fully develop the corpora cavernosa. There isn’t a better way to enlarge your penis in its full potential than this one. The tissue in the penis will swell and grow to as much as 2.5 inches in size if it starts taking in more blood.

Ultimately, by supplementing the metabolite shortfall and clearing the veins overall toxins, these substances improve the speed and efficiency of blood movement. For this reason, erections become more effective and the penis grows larger. A sexual encounter lasts 32 minutes on average.

Together, these three phases promote penile growth and increase the length of erections. Because of everything that has been discussed thus far, your penis will not only be 73.4% longer, but it will also be bigger and more resilient, allowing you to have greater levels of sex and give the other person up to five orgasms.”

Caution: Only trust tried-and-true techniques.

In science, promises are not honored and there are no coincidences. The outcomes of the clinical trials are what matter. Because of this, medical professors developed a unique clinical analysis to confirm that enlarging the penis by the first 0.3 to 0.5 inches only takes two hours.

A total of 122 men, ranging in age from 18 to 45, were used in the study’s testing phase. Participants reported that this procedure was quick and non-invasive, and they used it on a daily basis. The purpose of the trial was to determine, through scientific means, if the recipe for penile enlargement developed by medical professors was effective in growing the penis and lengthening erections. Here were the outcomes:

After four weeks of therapy with Medical Professors, the findings were documented and published in the Human Power medical journal under the heading Health & Disease:

– According to the questionnaires, in 30 days, individuals’ penises grew by an average of 6.4 inches.

– According to the results of the participants’ blood tests, testosterone levels climbed by 9 nanograms and cavernous bodies’ volume increased by at least 71.4% (the average man’s testosterone level is between 2.2 and 3 nanograms).

– The erection time increased by up to 47 minutes, according to the testing.

– Following the experiment, participants’ average penis sizes were 7.6 inches.

Treatment plan in accordance with research documentation

Editor’s Note: We’ve kept the original text. To preserve their privacy, information about patients has been deleted.

FIRST WEEK: I signed up for the experiment in order to work out my tiny 4.8-inch problem. I started to feel the effects of the treatment two hours in. My penis was growing bit by little and tingling (without hurting). It was already 5.6 inches after two days. It was all automated, so there was nothing I needed to do. 6.1 inches was the outcome! My roommate, who always seems willing to get dirty, and I had our first sexual experience as I started to feel more confident. Ultimately, she informed me that she had never experienced so many sensations in thirty minutes from a man.

Third week: Things are looking up for me. In bed, I feel more energised and I don’t feel embarrassed to undress. It is undoubtedly because you are no longer stressed about managing a tiny penis. My penis has gotten 1.2 inches longer and doesn’t get softer even after I screw lasting 20 or 30 minutes.

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