cone health mychart login: Stay Connected to Your Health

Stay Connected to Your Health

In this 2 With Well-Being conversation with WFMY News 2,  cone health mychart login discover how to utilise Cone Healthcare MyChart to view your medical records, schedule appointments, & message your physician, Jeetu Nanda, MD.

Cone Health MyChart: What Is It?

“MyChart is a smartphone application that anybody may use to connect with their doctor’s office, developed by Epic, a system your doctor uses to document your health.

In MyChart, the speed at which can you view test results?

You should be able to see the result on MyChart as soon as it becomes available, even before your doctor has a chance to evaluate it. Imagine a Friday afternoon, when a cancer patient is waiting on some really sensitive blood results. They can actually obtain the results [via MyChart] without having to wait for a physician to call. Regarding the results, your doctor will contact you by phone or leave you a message, but the data is accessible.

How do I communicate my provider via MyChart?

“You may actually ask a doctor a question by leaving a message on MyChart, and the doctor will respond to you personally.

Which of my chart’s features might not be known to everyone?

a number of the things you may do is use MyChart to request a virtual visit if you require one for a minor ailment such as a sore throat, cough, or dermatological problems and are unable to visit the doctor.

“You can access MyChart through the camera on your smartphone, allowing both the doctor and you to see each other.” It will save you a trip you the doctor’s office if you can speak with them face-to-face.

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