Statistics of Web Traffic to

View the most important traffic data for in order to get an overview of its performance online.

spy on the traffic-generating tactics of your rivals

Identify the top goods, services, and categories that your rivals are using.
reveal the top digital marketing outlets used by the opposition Traffic and Visitors Interaction Compare your website’s performance to that of your rivals by monitoring important signs of onsite activity. received 239.6 million visits in September, with an average session length of 9:31.’s traffic has climbed by 241.9% since August.

Gain marketing knowledge and keep an eye on trends. Site Visits by Country

View the geographic distribution of website visitors for your rival and begin reaching underserved markets. The majority of the users of are in Indonesia, then the US, then Singapore.

1. 93.74% 224.6M 0.15% 99.85%
the United States
2. 4.12% 9.9M 0.53% 99.47%
3. 0.94% 2.3M 0.77% 99.23%
4. 0.28% 660.5K 1.91% 98.09%
Ireland 0.24 percent, 580,2K 0%, 100% Share of Traffic by Device

Find out quickly which devices users prefer to use and where the website’s traffic is coming from. Desktops only account for 0.2% of visits to; mobile devices account for 99.8% of visitors. Journey of Website Traffic

To identify fresh prospects for attracting your competition’s audience, find out where people browse before arriving on your competitor’s site and where they go after.

Purchase Semrush plus a PRO plan.Trends to reveal the marketing techniques of your competitors

Visitors to primarily originate from Directly (82.75% of traffic), then (8.46%). Users typically visit and next after browsing Alternatives and Competitor

Showcase additional websites that your visitors might find interesting. View the list all domains that people are now browsing. The audience of also goes to

Number One Favicon Organic and Managed Website Traffic Learn about the web browsing habits of your top competitors’ customers to better adapt your website experience at each stage of the client’s journey. The traffic to has decreased by -29.4% month over month to the present organic search traffic.

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Traffic from Organic Search Using Top Organic Keyword Organic Research, you may find the most effective keywords used by your rivals. The tool will display the top search terms that lead users to and will also display the precise search volume, cost per click, intent to search, and level of competition for each phrase.

You want more than just a peep at the traffic statistics of your rivals.

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