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skywest airlines phone number Offering the lowest ticket possible

Offering the lowest ticket possible,

SkyWest Airlines manages flights for US Airways (as American Eagle), Alaska Airlines (as of the Alaska Airlines run by SkyWest Airlines), United Airlines (which was United Express), and Delta Airways (as Delta Connection). SkyWest doesn’t handle any booking or ticketing operations. . Every airline aims to provide the lowest publicised fare that clients are qualified for on the date, flight, and level of service requested to those who contact their booking systems by phone, in person at airport ticket counters, or online.

1: Reservations for flights operated by United Express can be made online at skywest airlines phone number or by calling 800.241.6522, the United Airlines number.
2: Through the airline Delta (Delta), reservations for the connection planes can be made at 800.221.1212 or on
3: You can make reservations any American Eagle flights by calling 800.433.7300 or visiting
4: You can make reservations for flights operated by Alaska Airlines by calling 800.252.7522 or visiting

advising clients of anticipated cancellations, diversions, and delays

SkyWest Airlines aims to give accurate and timely information regarding cancelled, delayed, or diverted flights. Clients can use the website or the toll-free automated flight-status line of the relevant partner to obtain real-time flight information.

1: For the United Airlines website, please visit or contact 800.241.6522.
2: For the airline Delta, please visit or contact 800.325.1999.
3: Please visit or call 800.223.5436 for American Airlines.
4: Please visit or give 800.252.7522 to Alaska Airlines.

timely delivery of passenger luggage

Passengers will receive reimbursement for reasonable hygiene products and necessities for the period of time they’re without their possessions in the case of a delay. For information on the baggage rules that apply to your trip, please select the relevant link below.

Please click on the relevant carrier’s website from the list below to trace your delayed baggage.

1: Go to to track your baggage for United or United Express.
2: Go to for baggage monitoring for Delta and possibly Delta Connection.
3: To track baggage for American or American Eagle, go to
4: Go to to track your luggage with Alaska Airlines.

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, the Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines all offer reservation and ticketing services. For information on applicable rules and specific fares, please get in touch with the relevant carrier.

You can make reservations for American Eagle’s flights by calling 800.433.7300 or visiting
You can make reservations for Alaska Airways flights by visiting or by calling 800.252.7522.

Giving fast refunds for tickets

The relevant partner—United Airlines, Delta Airways, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines—handles and processes all ticketing including refunds for flights operated by SkyWest Airlines. Each partner plans to promptly issue refunds for tickets purchased through SkyWest on United the Express, Delta connection, and American Eagle, and/or Alaska Airlines.

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