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Ah, slang, the ever-evolving language that keeps us on our toes, or rather, on our “lit” sneakers. In a world where words and phrases seem to morph publicly makes fun of slangily with on faster than a chameleon on a rainbow, it’s time we took a light-hearted journey through the linguistic wonderland that is slang. So, buckle up and prepare for a rollercoaster ride through the world of “slangily,” where words take on a life of their own!


“Yeet” Your Worries Away:

Let’s kick things off with the classic “yeet.” This versatile term can be a verb, noun, or even an exclamation. Are you confused? Don’t worry; so are we! Imagine telling your grandparent that you “yeeted” your lunch into the trash. Cue the puzzled looks and the inevitable “back in my day” speech.

Fam,” the Unofficial Slang Family:

Fam” has come a long way from its original meaning of family. Nowadays, it refers to your close-knit group of friends, because who needs blood ties when you’ve got your “squad,” right? Just make sure not to call your actual family “squad” at the next family reunion, unless you enjoy the bewildered stares.

“Lit AF” – The Pyrotechnic Language:

When something is “lit AF,” it’s supposedly exceptionally amazing. But how did we go from describing a well-lit room to a party being “lit AF”? Did someone accidentally publicly makes fun of slangily with on throw a firework into the DJ booth? Either way, let’s appreciate the sheer intensity of a metaphorical blaze.

“Slay, Queen!” – Royal Approval or Literal Battle Cry? “Slay, Queen!” is the ultimate compliment in the world of slang. But let’s be real, what are we encouraging here? Are we cheering on an imaginary battlefield where queens battle with glittering swords and killer heels? Or are we just admiring someone’s exceptional makeup skills? The mystery remains.

“On Fleek” – When Your Eyebrows Are in a Competition:

If your eyebrows are “on fleek,” congratulations! You’ve won the unspoken competition of facial hair grooming. But when did eyebrows become the benchmark for success? We can only imagine a world where job interviews are won or lost based on the arch of your brow.


In the ever-changing landscape of slang, we’re all just trying to keep up. While it’s easy to poke fun at the seemingly bizarre language that emerges, let’s not forget the beauty of slang – its ability to unite us through shared expressions, even if those expressions make us scratch our heads. So, the next time someone tells you to “slide into their DMs” or that something is “extra,” just remember, we’re all in this linguistic carnival together, and it’s okay to laugh along the way.

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