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kumasi central marketing:” Exploring the vibrant heart of kumasi

The Kumasi Central Market, sometimes referred to as Kejetia Market, is an outdoor marketplace located in Kumasi. The largest market of West Africa is the Kejetia market.[/2] (Source: )

The market houses a bank, hospital, and day care center for the majority of the market women’s children.

Reconstruction of the marketplace

In response to the uninvited growth of unchecked salesman humming [dubious – discuss], as well as many fire outbreaks, the authorities developed a well-thought-out rehabilitation plan for all of Kejetia market barrio. There were three main stages to the reconstruction.[/3]

Stage 1

First phase of the building’s rehabilitation began in 2015, with the government of John Dramani Mahama valuing it at US$259,425,000.*[4] An ultra-modern markets with 8,420 retail outlets, a clinic, a station for the police, a masjid (mosque), a social plus recreational center, an I.C.T center, banks, a butchery, a post office, and a fire post were all part of the project’s initial phase. Late in 2018, it was finished.(5)(6)

Market control

The Kejetia market’s heavy foot and vehicle traffic makes law enforcement and administration extremely challenging. The group’s members serve as the market’s law enforcement officials. They are in charge of anti-hawking initiatives, standard traffic directing tasks, etc. In order to improve station security, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, working with market managers Freko FD Ltd, placed CCTV cameras around the marketplace in 2010[8].


Fire engines from the National Fire army Rescue Service

The Kejetia market has historically experienced fire outbreaks. There have been multiple epidemics at the market that have destroyed shops, stalls, and their goods. One outbreak was on September 19, 2001[9], when the former Kejetia market saw over 150 stores destroyed by a raging shower of fire. It was difficult to determine how much the destroyed things cost.

A section that makes up Kejetia Market, an among Kumasi’s iconic buildings, went up in flames by fire this past Wednesday, March 15, 2023, destroying items valued at a billion Ghana cedis. A store on the market’s second floor caught fire about 4 p.m., moving to the third. Many of the merchants sobbed uncontrollably as thick, black smoke billowed from the charred stores on the market into the late afternoon sky.

Ashanti’s Economy


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