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Wartales is a medieval role-playing game, but its core is its turn-based warfare system. You’ll also find yourself spending a lot for time exploring the primary region. Even if the game is divided into multiple locations, each one is sizable on its own, and in some situations, you’ll also need to visit previously established territories. While I don’t mind it, exploring the countryside can eventually tax one’s patience and resources. Additionally, there have always been problems with inventory management and companion space in the game. But some of that may be handled much more skillfully in our Wartales Travel Postcard guidance.

The Wartales Travel Post Obtaining Process

Each Wartales area has one Travel Posts location in the major town, but they won’t show up or be usable for construction until you’ve completed The fourth level of the Trade of Craftsmanship Path. You may level this route by completing common game tasks like crafting, cooking, and paying your friends, so it’s not too difficult to accomplish.

I’ve found the following places and rates (in Region-locked Mode) so far:

500 Krowns in Tiltren County (Stromkapp)
1,000 Krowns in Vertruse Province (Marheim)
1,500 Krowns in Grinmere Province (near the Tavern of Good fortunes Made)
1,500 Krowns in Drombach County (New Asthel)

Click the Travel Post when you see one in a town to hear from the NPC that will be there. When they’re done, they’ll ask you if you’re want to spend a specific sum of Krowns to have the post set up. You can return at any moment later when you’re experiencing you have the funds to do so, so don’t worry over saying no.

Are Travel Posts for Wartales Worth It?

It will be up to each player to decide if it is worthwhile to create a travel post. They’ve been really helpful to me, and if you have a lot of extra cash, they’re definitely worth it. However, you might wish to wait if money is short because, for example, training and refining Legendary Weapons is costly. The following are advantages of constructing a trading post:

Chest: At each Travel Post, you are free to leave as much equipment and supplies (or anything within your inventory) as you like. For managing weight and inventories, this is excellent.
Garrison: If you think you don’t need your Companions right now, you can leave any number of of them at each Travel Post.

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