One of the primary hosts of its Fatos Desconhecidos station was Antônio Cavalcanti Neto, also referred to as Antônio Bôco online. bôco, a Goiânia native, works as a speaker, host, and content developer on television. She has a striking voice and makes it easier to give life to the documentaries she presents!

His current initiative, Bôco: o 7º filho, debuted in 2019. It is a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers that features a variety of engaging content.

A versão para a televisão é acessível hoje no CentralTV Brasil.

The children’s pastime, which involves throwing balls into a hole dug in the ground, served as inspiration for the creation of the bôco centre table.

With thin, curved astero patas that contribute movement in tandem with the two circulos that make up the whole. Every element of the outfit receives a modern touch from an assortment of textures and materials that can be used on it.

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