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the united stand twitter (born April 7, 1979), better known online as Brent the united stand twitter, is a popular English radio host and YouTuber. He is most renowned for his livestreams and videos on The United Stand, a Manchester United fan channel.

Individual life

He claims that from the beginning of his YouTube career, he made the alias. When he worked as a law enforcement official looking into financial fraud, his bosses asked him to use this identity.*[4]

Goldbridge’s birthdate is April 7, 1979.[5] He’s Italian by descent.[6] He currently resides in Solihull and was born in Nottingham.*[4]

the united stand twitter career consists of four channels: “The United Stand,” which features content related to Manchester United; [7] to “mark Goldbridge That’s Football,” which features watchalongs in non-Manchester United matches and general football content; [8] “Mark’s Goldbridge that’s Entertainment,” which features clips from his most recent livestreams; and “Mark Goldbridge,” which features more personal content like cooking, vlogging, and general chit-chats.In [9]

In 2014, the united stand twitter The United Stand, formerly known as “Soccer Box TV”[10], offering videos featuring predictions for Premier League games. After that, he began posting his post-match analysis of Manchester United matches.*[4] Afterwards, Goldbridge began offering watchalongs with the matches via live streaming. These have been compared to “an amateur internet-based broadcast of Football Saturday on Sky Sports” by BBC Sport.11]

Goldbridge received an invitation to participate as one of the owners in the the Sidemen charity game in September 2022.[12] The charity competition had two teams.[13] Sidemen FC, which consisted of Mr. Beast and LazarBeam in addition to the Sidemen. The YouTube All Stars, which included of social media personalities like IShowSpeed and Noah Beck, was the opposing squad. The Google All Stars, under Goldbridge’s management, fell to Sidemen FC 8–7.In [14] They raised more than £1,000,000 for their chosen organisations in total.In [15] Goldbridge received praise for introducing his unique playing style to his squad, which became known as “Goldbridge ball.”In [16]

Mark Goldbridge performed live for the first time ever with The United States Stand in March 2023. London, Manchester, and Dublin hosted the performances.(17)

As manager of the internet All Stars, Goldbridge returned for the the Sidemen Benefit Match in September 2023. In just two hours, the team raised nearly £2,400,000. The Sidemen prevailed 8–5 over the users of YouTube All Stars in the match. For Sidemen FC, Miniminter, W2S, and Behzinga all scored goals, while for the All-Stars, ChrisMD, Max Fosh, and Niko Omilana all scored goals. Goldbridge was praised for his leadership abilities, particularly for his inspiring team meeting at halftime.18]

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